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The Doo Wop style of design in archtecture began in the early years of the 1950s while America was experiencing a dramatic cultural shift that defined the start of a new era.  During this time American families were beginning to experience a brand new life filled with new opportunities. As cars became affordable families began taking to the open road for the summer to explore different places during vacations. Suddenly new services like drive-in theaters, affordable motels, and diners started popping up alongside the highways. These new destinations were being built during a time when American teenagers were dancing to the new musical sounds of rock n’ roll while the whole country was excitedly advancing into the Space Age. As the cultural climate grew more optimistic, the American people continued looking towards the future prosperity of the country. You can see every one of these influences throughout all of the mid-century’s futuristic looking architecture that still exists today throughout Wildwood!

     Doo Wop Architecture is widely celebrated in Wildwood. It defines the look and feel of this classic American beach town from the neon flashing signs that light up the famous Boardwalk to the boomerang looking angles seen in the structure of the funky motels.  As the decades passed by and new construction started to threaten the destruction of old buildings, the community members of Wildwood got together and formed the “Doo Wop Preservation League” to ensure that our historical architecture is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

     You’ll notice the Doo Wop style all throughout Wildwood. You can experience the feel of Doo Wop in the delicious burgers and shakes served in the mid-century diners and on a stroll along the Boardwalk. You’ll witness it in the neon flashing signs lining the streets, and in the futuristic design of many of the buildings. As you explore, take notice of the interesting angles and colors used in the construction of the motels including the rounded edges and jutting terraces.

     You will feel like you're taking a tour of the 1950s when you stay in one of our Doo Wop motels. These properties are comfortable, clean, funky, and fun. An atmosphere of relaxation is cultivated in all the details throughout the properties. While each property is distinct, you’ll love the modern furniture, decorative modern art, and 1950s colors found within each one.